So what do you do when......

All the formal gowns...let alone bridal gowns! are immodest, poorly made, overly expensive and simply not what you are looking for?

Why, of course---you make your own!

But--- what if you don't sew???


Every gown is one of a kind..some are long, some are short, some are fancy, some are understated...but they are each an original.  Those shown in the "For Sale" gallery are ready made.  Check the descriptions to find one in your size!


We create gowns inspired by times past.  Many are nearly authentic..but altered for ease of construction or wearing.  So, if lacing a million eyelets up the back of a medieval gown isn't your idea of dressing for a ball, you will be pleased to see that all our dresses use zippers or buttons.  Of course, if you LIKE eyelets, well, that brings us to...


If you have a dream-dress, something you have always wanted...tell us about it!  Find a pattern as close as you can to the dream, and we will just see if we can make it happen.

We refuse to make anything that will not glorify the Savior.